September 2021


Once again apologies for such a long time since my last posting.

A few more songs have been added to the list below.   Where no name is acknowledged it should be understood that the words and melody are mine.   There are quite a few more that I hope to add in due course.

During the recent lockdown I have been able to sing to the queue of people waiting to get into a local supermarket.

I am not a perfectionist, and my recordings are not of performance standard.   My hope is that people will learn a few of the songs and find them useful as an aid to preaching the Gospel.

It is not too early to be thinking about Christmas.   To add some variety to your carol programme you may like to consider the following:

A Christmas Challenge

Come Home for Christmas

Festive Time Calypso

No Room

The Truth behind the Fairy Tale

21st Century Carol



It is about time there was an alphabetical list of the songs available on SoundCloud.   The songs are in reverse order of the time they were entered, but you can access any of them by clicking on the list below.

Abba Father – words by Thelma Robinson

A song for Bartimaeus- by Hazel Hudson 


The best of both worlds
The Brazen Serpent

A Cautionary Tale
A Christmas Challenge
The Cock that crowed at Eastertime
Come home for Christmas – by Hugh Wetmore
Come to the barbecue
The Crafty tongue – words by Michael Wharton

The Divine Resting place – words by Tony How
Don’t blame God
Do you pray?

England, O England – tune by Hazel Hudson
Everlasting joy – words by Peter Millam, tune by H. Hudson

Faith not to believe – words by H. Wetmore, tune by H. Hudson,
Festive Time calypso – words by P. Millam, tune by H. Hudson
For the Homeless

Fruits of Repentance

God, if You’re real – tune by Fiona Lang
God wants You

I need to come
In the Street words by Simon Baynes, tune by Andrew Lane
It’s not too late – words by Elizabeth Biddulph, tune by H. Hudson

Joy in Heaven

The Losing Side
The Lost Son – by H. Hudson/DAGB


Not Ashamed
No Room – words by Margaret Bowdler, tune by H. Hudson

Paper and Ink
A Pub Song- words by Josie Goble

Seek ye the Lord
Shout Hallelujah! – words by Sheila Walker
Slave Ship
Street Pastor Song

Take another look
The ten commandments
Thanks be to God
The truth behind the fairy tale
Turn the hearts

We don’t want religion

What God has done for me. Words by M. Wharton

Where will Kevin go?

Yes, God is real

January 2021


Sorry about such a long gap since posting last, which can partly be blamed on my eyesight difficulties.   These have not stopped me writing more songs, and Miss Hazel Hudson continues to help with the musical arrangements.  

Most of my earlier recordings were made with a piano accordion and a four track recorder which enabled me to recorder the instrumental and voice parts separately.   Being now unable to use these I have recorded a few more songs using an old-fashioned cassette recorder and a ukulele.  
Of these latest additions some, such as Believe, Not Ashamed and Shout Hallelujah go back a long way;  others, like A Christmas Challenge, are quite new.   I had hoped to get these out before Christmas, but it didn’t happen.  

I am hoping  to record some more fairly soon.
Best wishes to all who read this.

Click here to browse all my recordings on Soundcloud

Another Christmas


Seasons greetings to all who read this blog. I hope you will re-read what I wrote this time last year.

There is one new Christmas song of which I have made a temporary home made recording, which I intend to replace later, the title is “The truth behind the fairytale”

Our Christian folklore is a mixture of scripture and what amounts to fairytale, and this tempts people to disbelieve it – Either we believe in father Christmas or we reject the lot. This song intends to separate the wheat from the chaff.




We have recently moved from Acton in West London to Northampton. I was a little apprehensive about starting my “busking” ministry in an unfamiliar area. As I unpacked my instrument I saw a policeman walking towards me – was he going to warn me off? Instead his first words were “you don’t often see a ukelele outside Waitrose”. He asked some questions about it and stood by me while I sang Take another look.

We sometime hear about street preachers being arrested, suggesting the police are against Christians but that is not generally so. I know that many in the police appreciate the work of Street Pastors in reducing crime (see Street Pastors Song)

Attention is drawn to recent additions to my Soundcloud list including Turn the Hearts, Miracles and Fruits of Repentance

Are you a Watchman?


Ezekiel was given this title by God. He was told that if he failed to warn evildoers of their impending destruction they would perish but he would be responsible for their deaths (Ezekiel 3. 17-21)

We are surrounded by people behaving in ways that will lead them to hell. Are you concerned about it? The vast majority of Christians frankly are not. But the fact that you are reading this suggests you may be one of those who God is calling to be a Watchman.

You may have tried various methods of evangelism and been discouraged. People do not like being preached at and most tracts given away are not read. My belief is that if the message is expressed in song it is more likely to be listened to.

My hope in circulating these songs is that people will learn them and take them out into the streets or other places where people are. Songs you may like to begin with include the following:

Seek ye the Lord

Take another look

Thanks be to God

God if you’re real

Yes God is real

Joy in Heaven

May God bless you and encourage all those who take up this challenge. Once again, if you need sheet with full music or guitar chords please e-mail me





A time when many people’s aversion to religion give way to sentimental nostalgia. This is something a christian evangelist can and should take advantage of. How many of those who celebrate Christmas even in the churches understand why the coming of our Lord Jesus into the World is a “glad tiding of great joy”? Why should we need or want a saviour?

At this time of the year, it is possible to get access to places such as pubs under the guise of carol singing. Three songs on my list you may find useful are, No Room, 21st Century Carol and Come Home for Christmas.

If the aim is evangelistic, I believe we should keep it separate from fund raising. There should be no collection and any donation offered should be politely declined


Paper copies of particular songs can be provided on request. Contact me by email: 

18th November 2016

Progress at last


This blog has been neglected for a year. My excuse being that I have a serious eyesight problem.

Now with my son’s help, a dozen of the recordings I made some years ago have been made available on Soundcloud. You can hear them here

Most of these are not songs that were in my original book of 20. Please feel free to use them for evangelism in and out of church. I hope shortly to add more songs, also provide lyrics.

The recordings were made at home using a small Bosch four-track machine and a piano accordian. I have experimented with recording with a ukelele but I find it difficult to make the tune clear. For future recordings I will probably use an electronic keyboard.

UPDATE 14/10/16

Lyrics are now added – you can view by clicking on my portrait along side the song title. Not all the songs are my – where others are contributed this is acknowledged with the lyrics.




It was back in the 1980’s that I first thought of songs as a means of proclaiming the Gospel,   I was cycling through a housing estate in Isleworth, west London, and as I passed the community centre I heard an amateur musician performing what he called “Singing Presley Style”.   I went home and wrote my first Gospel song – a shocker beginning “God will
have the last word . . .”

Over the next twenty years or so I produced a handful more songs, but made little use of them.   In 2006 I decided to advertise for other writers and composers interested, which put me in touch with several – notably Miss Hazel Hudson, who has been a great help in producing full harmony versions of my outline melodies.  Three years later I had printed a limited edition book of twenty songs, my own and others, under the title “Sermons in Song”.

I have tried a number of times to interest others in forming a group to sing in pubs and other such places, but with very little success.   In December 2012 I was conducting some Bible studies on the book of Revelation, and I was impressed with the letter to the church in Ephesus which was said to have lost its first lone.   The call was to “repent and do the first works” (Revelation 2 v 5 KJV).   In my case “first works” had included open-air preaching; would I dare to take it up again – with a difference?   The carol singing culture before Christmas helped as I took my ukulele out for the first time, and I found it surprisingly easy.   My voice is not a strong one and does not carry very far, yet I have been surprised at the number of strangers who have remarked how nice my singing sounds.   (Some offer me money, which I politely decline,)  Whether the message of the songs is getting through to anyone is something I have to leave with God.

Traditionally evangelists have used songs in support of preaching, and that is perfectly valid.  But I believe there is a potential for using songs directly as a way of delivering the message of the Gospel.   Things can be expressed in song that would be offensive if spoken,   It is important that the words come across clearly;  that is easier for a solo singer than a group.   My solitary style is particularly unobtrusive, but it is not the only way.   If there is a group those not singing can give out tracts, speak to those who show interest or just make a crowd.   People are more likely to stop and listen if there are others standing near.

I began in a paved shopping area away from traffic noise. Obviously noisy places are to be  avoided, unless you are using amplification.  It is better to find places where people congregate rather than simply walk past.

In addition to my own “sermons” I use a number of published songs including Cling to the Bible, The Hem of His Garment, The King’s Business, The Old-fashioned Meeting, ,  Someone tell me the way, Tell Mother I’ll be there  To God be the glory, Waiting at the Well, Whosoever heareth.   You  may know or be able to find others that are suitable – the collections by Ira D. Sankey, Charles M. Alexander and Stamp-Baxter Music are among the places to look.   In case anyone would like to try some of my songs, a few in simple form are attached.

A final thought.   If you wonder whether singing can ever change anything, remember that Paul and Silas’s singing provoked an earthquake!